In the garden, something special is waiting for you.

Takasho was established in 1980 based on the theme “HEART & ART”. Our objective was to become a global creator of elegant gardens and garden-based lifestyles.We firmly believe the elements of wind, light, water and greenery should stir the heart.Based on this concept we have developed our retail business for PRO use products (materials needed for design and construction) and HOME use products (user-friendly DIY materials). Takasho is involved in product planning and development, production, business proposals and sales. We create suitable concepts based on area, culture and ideology with excellent Japanese quality, using our own global network.

Nobuo Takaoka

Japanes Garden Culture

The, four seasons- The essence of Japan. It breaks down waste and refines only essence. We would like to cherish that beautiful culture that has been handed down by a delicate sense of Japanese aesthetic. We cherish minimalism. With this the beautiful Japanese melody can be herd.

4 Seasons

Invite a beautiful seasonal wind to the home


The fragrance of a gentle flower which began to open in the garden, the spring is already there.


Wind is like peace. A swaying song it sings. Drifting away in the summer wind dancing greens in the field


Time is filled with a hurried dusk. The trees begin to colour and foretell the deeper seasons.


Trees spread their roots to the earth and people expand their minds to the new season.

Garden & Exrterior

Daily life does not only take place in the house, the outdoor areas and the garden are also an important part of the personal living space. In addition to the 4 room types, the surroundings of the house form the “5th ROOM”. With its well-balanced design, from the entrance area, the façade and fence elements to the garden with room solutions and atmospheric lighting, an atmosphere is created for residents and visitors that appeals to the senses and promotes a sense of well-being. The Takasho product lines can be ideally combined for this effect.

The 5 senses, hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch are all feelings which bloom in the garden.Garden therapy releases the five senses and contacts nature, improving the balance between our mind and body, bringing a smile, health and happiness.

Feel the earth, connect with nature. Garden therapy has begun.






Main Brand

Ever Bamboo

We have carried on the timeless techniques of tradition Kyoto craftsmen to create attra-ctive panel and post that replicate the look of the natural bamboo fences and decorations.

Ever Art Wood

The various characteristics of wood have been faithfully reproduced in aluminum. This long-lasting, weatherproof material will not corrode or fade over time.

Ever Art Board

The board creates magnificent and naturally beautiful spaces. It is based on real materials, which will perfectly suit areas subject to land-scape regulations or the creation of new spaces.


This is Takasho’s original low-voltage garden lighting system and product range. The Ever series can be connected perfectly with LEDIUS world.

Confident quality with in-house production

Takasho has a wide production base both in Japan and overseas and has an integrated system from product development to design, production, logistics and sales. It is directly connected with our sales agencies through its own comprehen-sive management system and responds quickly with a reliable service network.

*Guarantee, ISO, CE depend on products and factories.


Takasho’s careful attention to detail is thoroughly demonstrated in the shape, form, and color tones of our bamboo.


The texture is based on real materials, which will perfectly suit areas subject to landscape regulations or the creation of new spaces.


Takasho High-Tech lighting will transform your garden into a stylish and unique personal space. You will value this as part of your lifestyle.

From Kainan to the world

Takasho, located at Kainan city in Wakayama is just 30 minutes from Kansai International Airport by car. In addition to creating marketing information for use domestically and overseas, the headquarters focuses on functions ranging from planning, distribution systems development to quality control, human resources development and customer support services. We handle everything from here to the worldwide group network.

TAKASHO – Headquarter

Domestic Network

Japan – Tokyo metropolitan area office

Japan – Osaka branch

Global Network

USA – VegTrug USA Inc.

GERMANY – Takasho EU branch office

AUSTRALIA – Takasho Australasia Pty.

VIETNAM – Vietnam Office & Show Room

KOREA – Takasho Korea branch office

CHINA – Jiujiang Takasho

Takasho Co., Ltd.

20-1, Minami-akasaka,
Kainan, Wakayama,
642-0017, Japan

TEL : +81-(0)73-486-2533
FAX : +81-(0)73-486-2563
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20-1, Minami-akasaka,
Kainan, Wakayama,
642-0017, Japan

TEL : +81-(0)73-484-3618
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Takasho Co., Ltd. Zweigniederlassung EU

Sulzbacher Str. 199
71522 Backnang,

TEL: +49-(0)7191-96933-0
FAX: +49-(0)7191-96933-20

Takasho Australasia Pty. Ltd.

32, Mickle street Dandenong
South Victroia 3175,

TEL: +61-3-9706-4438
FAX: +61-3-9706-4439

Takasho Garden Living India Pte. Ltd.

E-17, Siddhi Vinayak Towers,
Behind DCP Office, Off. S. G. Highway,
Ahmedabad 380 051 Gujarat,

TEL: +91-79-4898-251

Takasho Korea Branch Office

19-66 Kyodonggil,

TEL: +82-31-674-6150
FAX: +82-31-674-6152

Takasho Vietnam Office

The 4C floor of 86 Xuan Thuy St. Thao Dien Ward,
District 2, HCMC,

TEL: +84-(0)8-6656-1648
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Hongkong Takasho Holdings Co., Ltd.

Richmond Comm. Bldg.109 Argyle St., Mong Kok, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

TEL: +86 792-481-5673

Takasho Shanghai Office

Flat 25G, No379, Pudong(S) Rd.,
Shanghai China, 200120

TEL: +86-21-3383-1280
FAX: +86-21-3383-1279

Jiangxi Takasho Import-Export Trade Co.,Ltd. Jiujiang Takasho Gardening Product Co.,Ltd.

South Garden, Gold Industry Garden, Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province, China, 332200

TEL: +86-(0)792-4815788
FAX: +86-(0)792-4815675

VegTrug Limited

2 Crown Gate,
Wyncolls Road Severalls Business Park Colchester,
Essex CO4 9HZ United Kingdom

TEL: +44-1206-230025
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VegTrug USA Inc.

208 Progress Drive
Montgomeryville PA 18936
United States of America

TEL: +1-(888)-908-2008
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Corporate Data

Corporate Name Takasho Co., Ltd.
Founded March, 1935
Established August, 1980
Capital Adress 20-1, Minamiakasaka, Kainan, Wakayama, Japan 642-0017
Capital 1,820,860,000 JPY
Director CEO: Nobuo Takaoka
Employee 760 (As of end of 2020)
Annual Turnover approx. 183 million EUR (As of end of 2020)
Branch Offices Tokyo, Osaka, Tohoku, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Kyushu
Offices Sapporo, Tokyo metropolitan area, Saitama, Kitakanto, Yokohama, Niigata, Hokuriku, Kansai, Shikoku
Oversea Offices Germany, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, China (Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai, Quangzhou)
Subsidiaries Japan
Takasho Digitec Co.,Ltd.
Aoyama Garden Co.,Ltd.
Garden create Co.,Ltd.
Toko Shizai Corp.
VegTrug Ltd.
VegTrug USA Inc.
VegTrug Europe GmbH
Takasho Australasia Pty.Ltd.
Takasho Garden Living India Pte.Ltd.
Tianjin Takasho international & trade Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Takasho gardening construction Co.,Ltd.
Southern Takasho Gardening products Co.,Ltd.
Manzhouli Takasho wooden products Co.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Takasho import & export trade Co.,Ltd.
Jiujiang Takasho gardening products Co.,Ltd.
Zhengte Takasho outdoor living Co.,Ltd.

Corporate History


1980 Aug. Takasho Co.,Ltd. was established at Kainan city in Wakayama Japan.
1986 Launched reinforced plastic bamboo “EVER BAMBOO”


1990 Aug. Launched Takasho original gardening CAD system.
1994 Feb. Opened Tokyo office (present Tokyo branch office)
1995 Jan. Established Tianjin Takasho international & trade Co.,Ltd.
1998 Sep. Listed on JASDAQ* *Japanese Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
1998 Sep. Opened Taiwan office at Kaohsiung in Taiwan
1999 Jul. Opened Sydney office at New South Walesin Australia
1999 Aug. Opened Takasho Europe GmbH (Present EU office) at Gaildorf in Germany


2002 Jun. Established Shanghai Takasho gardening construction Co.,Ltd. in China.
2004 Nov. Established Takasho Digitec Co.,Ltd. at Kainan city in Wakayama Japan.
2005 Jan. Established Southern Takasho Gardening products Co.,Ltd.
2005 Dec. Launched laminated aluminum profile “EVER ART WOOD”
2009 Jul. Established Takasho Australasia Pty. Ltd. in Australia.
2009 Jul. Opened Korea office at Soul in Korea.
2009 Nov. Established Jiangxi Takasho import & export trade Co.,Ltd. in China.


2010 Feb. Established Jiujiang Takasho gardening products Co.,Ltd. in China.
2010 Feb. Opened Vietnam office at Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.
2012 Apr. Opened “Gardener’s Japan” (Garden center) at Kainan, Wakayama.
2012 Nov. Acquired shares of VegTrug Ltd. and make it 100% subsidiary.
2014 Feb. Launched laminated aluminum panel “EVER ART BOARD”
2015 Feb. Established VegTrug USA Inc. at Pennsylvania in USA.
2018 May Established VegTrug Europe GmbH at Frankfurt in Germany.
2018 Jun. Opend Takasho EU office at Gaildorf in Germany
2018 Jul. Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section.
2018 Jul. Established Takasho garden living India Pte. Ltd. at Gujarat in India.