Ever Art Board

The expressive laminated aluminium composite board

No other like this

This is an aluminum composite board covered with highly weather-resistant wrapping sheet, useful for a broad range of applications, whether indoors or outdoors, as a building material. The board can be cut with a cutter, allowing flexible construction.


The texture is based on real materials as a motif, which will perfectly

Easy handing

Not only for new constructions, this board is perfect for occasions requiring speedy construction.


We take pride in our 40 years of strength and quality.


Due to the panel type, the construction period can be significantly shortened.

Unlimited possibilities

On walls, ceilings, outdoor and indoor…there are many places where are good for EVER ART BOARD. Because it is a light material, it will save a lot of man power for the contractions, which will also save the budget.This board is perfectfor occasions requiring speedy construction such as the renovation of a shop.

TAKASHO’s careful attention to details is thoroughly demonstrated in the textures.


Color Variations