Ever Bamboo®

A perfect replica of natural bamboo

Distinctly different

Enjoy the beauty of traditional Japanese bamboo material in your home forever. ‘Ever Bamboo’, a brand of the highest quality, was created for this purpose. We have carried on the timeless techniques of traditional Kyoto craftsmen to create attractive panels that replicate the look of natural bamboo fences.Experience the beauty of lasting Japanese craftsmanship in your home.


We take pride in the quality of Ever Bamboo, which is strong enough to last for at least two decades.


The three dimensional shape creates beautifully subtle shadows.


Luxurious feel, texture and durability.


The final touches have been perfected by hand, giving unrivaled attention to detail.

The rich expression

We have faithfully reproduced the expressiveness of natural bamboo while also incorporating the techniques of traditional artisan craftsmen, culminating in our ‘Eco Bamboo‘. The character of each and every bamboo section and knot has been breathtakingly reproduced using the techniques of expert craftsmen.

EVER BAMBOO will never compromise on the finest details.

Color Variations

Bamboo aluminium