Freestyle Fence – Own custom design for fence and gates


Seamless design with integrated gates

With the new FREESTYLE FENCE from Takasho, you can create your own custom design for your privacy fence including gate.  

The combination of profiles with varying thicknesses, arranged evenly or alternately, offers numerous variations for harmonious and visually exciting patterns. Regular or alternating spacing also creates a rhythm that is attractive to the eye and makes the fence permeable to air and light.

Combinations of profile cross-sections and different decors create unique designs with striking or subtle contrasts. High-contrast patterns with even colour changes, multiple decors or purposefully placed lines, allow creative options for individual privacy screens.

The only design guideline is the horizontal alignment of the selected profiles. The FREESTYLE FENCE designs thus reinforce the stable impression of the fence with their straight lines. At the same time, they blend harmoniously into the overall design of the property.

The frames for the fence modules are available in 4 standard sizes. The pattern can be freely designed with flexible spacing. A selection of 13 colours and 7 profile cross-sections is available for this purpose. In combination with the posts for stacked elements, fences up to a height of 2 m can be built.

The modular units are pre-assembled at the factory according to the dimensions and gap dimensions you require. This means that assembly, to the fence posts on site, is quick and smooth later on.

Gates are also available in matching standard sizes. The design of the fence modules and gate can be individually and harmoniously matched. In this way, the gate blends seamlessly into the fence.

With the free design options, an independent look for the gate is of course also possible. This is why FREESTYLE FENCE gates are also the right choice if a special gate is desired for one of the Takasho fence systems with standardised modules. With the special posts of the gates, this is no problem either.

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