Original Japanese materials and Zen feeling for your garden.

Natural bamboo and traditional craftsmanship
A perfect replica of natural bamboo
Japanese style aluminium fences
Cool look and long durability
Sukiya Mon Gates
Majestic beauty by master craftsmen
Japanese style LED lights
Special lighting effects for a relaxed atmosphere
Elements for your garden design
Little things that make up a Japanese garden


Natural bamboo and traditional craftsmanship

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Take Gaki – Bamboo fences are an integral part of Japanese garden culture. The fences are used in almost all Japanese gardens and lend a cosy, natural atmosphere. They are ideal as privacy screens, boundaries or as trellises for plants. 

With traditional bamboo fences, you can set selective highlights and Asian accents in your garden. The original colour of bamboo poles is a delicate green. In the course of the drying process, it changes colour to a light shade of ochre. The colour palette ranges from beige to orange-brown to dark reddish tones.



The panels made of natural bamboo are very robust and durable. One of the greatest advantages of the bamboo plant is its enormous stability and natural effect on the viewer.

 Natural bamboo panels not only protect against prying eyes and wind, they are also excellent as noise protection. The structure of the bamboo plants effectively bounces off noise vibrations and ensures good acoustics in the garden. 

heller bambus

Light bamboo

helle zweige


pfeilbambus metake

Arrow bamboo (Metake)

dunkle zweige


dunkler bambus

Dark bamboo


Lespedeza (Hagi)


Lindera (Kuromoji)


Cedar Wood

Modul für Japanischer Garten
Module Aufbau

Modular system

The modular system allows for quick and easy assembly. The individual fence elements are connected with sturdy posts. Thus, the fence can be extended to the desired length.

koetsuji zaun

Natural Koetsuji Fence

The natural Koetsuji fence has a special natural character. The rounded shape is ideal as a finishing element of a fence. But the Koetsuji fence also achieves great results in garden design on its own. The curved line has an open and calm effect on the observer.

kuzryu zaun

Natural Kuzuryu Fence

The shapes have a significant effect on the human psyche. The semicircular shape of the Kuzuryu fence resembles a sunrise or sunset and arouses positive feelings. When the individual elements are placed next to each other, a wave is created that gives the viewer a feeling of harmony and infinity.

zaun für japanischer garten

Low perimeter fences

Low boundary fences inspire with their lightness and airiness. They are ideal as a small boundary for flowers and small plants. Thanks to their low height, they do not appear too large and are ideal for small gardens.

Doors and gates

The gateway to Japanese culture – different design types of doors and gates conjure up an Asian ambience in the entrance area of your garden. Let your guests enter the wonderful world.

Privacy screen elements

Create a harmonious oasis of peace. Our high-quality privacy screen elements provide more privacy, reduce background noise and ensure relaxing hours in your own garden.


A perfect replica of natural bamboo

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The look of the traditional Japanese bamboo plant combined with famous techniques of Kyoto craftsmen and qualitative, durable materials – that is EVER BAMBOO®.

The attractive panels fascinate with their natural appearance and will transform your garden into a place of peace and relaxation.



EVER BAMBOO® products are durable, shock and impact resistant. They are robust against weather influences such as sun or rain.



EVER BAMBOO® has been faithfully reproduced and has a realistic texture. Thanks to the three-dimensional shapes, beautiful subtle shadows and a surface close to nature are created.



The panels are made of specially reinforced ASA resin, which provides a valuable interplay of naturalness and durability.


The products are designed with love. The finishing touches are handmade and perfect the precious details. Let yourself be impressed by the expressiveness of natural bamboo.

Faithfulness to detail

Inspired by Japanese garden culture, we place a lot of emphasis on lifelike details.

Hand-painted as well as three-dimensional surfaces give a natural impression and the variety of colour shades presents the different bamboo varieties.

Eigenschaften Langlebig

Durable and environmentally friendly

All products in the EVER BAMBOO® series are made of recyclable ASA resin and contain no polyvinyl chloride. In addition, the long service life enables use over many years. Our environment is sustainably protected.

Eigenschaften gute Verarbeitung

Light processing

Despite their robust and resistant properties, the panels are flexible and easy to work with. This makes it easy to achieve the desired length and width of the panels.


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The variety of colour tones is faithfully made to match different types of bamboo. Surfaces aged by wind and weather can also be reproduced, as can bamboo that has been refined using traditional methods. 

The bamboo structure is shaped with great attention to detail and precision, following nature’s example. Three-dimensional and hand-painted details create the special natural impression of the EVER BAMBOO® series.

With a wide range of traditional patterns, EVER BAMBOO® panels offer numerous design options for classic or also modern Japanese-style gardens.

Modular system with mounting sets

Everything you need to build a bamboo fence is available in one set. 

Due to the modular system, you have two ordering options. For a free-standing fence element with two posts, select the “Basic” type. 

If you would like to extend your fence, select the “Extension” type. You can also choose between visible or concealed posts. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

japan garden modul hidden


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Metal fences made of aluminium combine Japanese extravagance with a modern look. They are robust, durable and weatherproof. The variety of designs leaves nothing to be desired.

The wood look is particularly popular with customers. The properties of wood are faithfully reproduced in aluminium. The structures are faithfully reproduced and delight the viewer with their beauty even after many years. This is because the light metal does not corrode or fade.

Modern Japanese style also suits European gardens

Japanese living promises tradition, relaxation and tranquillity. Create a pleasant ambience and escape from stressful everyday life. The versatile Japanese style suits any European garden. The timeless designs lend your garden paradise a Far Eastern flair and create an oasis of relaxation.


Majestic beauty by master craftsmen

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The SUKIYA MON product series combines the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. Each Sukiya gate is carefully crafted by the master craftsman. The experienced hands give each construct its unique appearance – an unforgettable work of art is created.

Sukiamon Tore Dach


The roof, finished with copper or coloured steel sheeting, as well as tops made of tiles, radiate elegance.

Sukiamon Tore Konsturktion


The highest quality of materials and the design give the construction a special character.

Sukiamon Tore


The loving details of Japanese architecture are reflected in the fine latticework.

Sukiamon Tore


The representative impression is created thanks to the valuable, polished natural granite.

Sukiamon Tore Sokel


Height-compensating adjustment options allow for easy installation.


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The ideas and wishes of our customers are our top priority. We manufacture all constructions individually to measure.

You decide which type of roofs and door leaves may move into your home. Our master craftsmen will be happy to advise you and help you plan and implement your project.

Variants for door leaves and roofs

Classical Japanese architecture offers you several variations for door leaves and roofs. Attention to detail and the highest quality standards create impressive works of art for your home.

The choice is yours!

Sukiamon Tore Design
Sukiamon Tore Design
Sukiamon Tore Design
Sukiamon Tore Design
Sukiamon Tore Farbe Rotzeder
Sukiamon Tore Farbe Mingei

Natural and traditional colours

The traditional colours reflect the Japanese people’s connection with nature.

The natural palette of beige, brown, yellow and brown-red gives the viewer a feeling of calm, security, stability and support.

Japanese style LED lights

Special lighting effects for a relaxed atmosphere

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With the help of LEDs, different moods can be achieved. The targeted light accents lend harmony and a cosy atmosphere to the surroundings. 

LEDs also score with many advantages. They are long-lasting, easy to handle and consume little electricity. Let yourself be fascinated by breathtaking lighting effects.