Ever Art Wood®

Photorealistic laminated aluminium profiles

Ever Art Board®

The expressive laminated aluminium composite board

Ever Bamboo®

A perfect replica of natural bamboo


Low-voltage garden lighting system


High quality laminated aluminium carport

Garden & Exrterior

Daily life does not only take place in the house, the outdoor areas and the garden are also an important part of the personal living space. In addition to the 4 room types, the surroundings of the house form the "5th ROOM". With its well-balanced design, from the entrance area, the façade and fence elements to the garden with room solutions and atmospheric lighting, an atmosphere is created for residents and visitors that appeals to the senses and promotes a sense of well-being. The Takasho product lines can be ideally combined for this effect.

Ever Art Wood ®

The various characteristics of wood have been faithfully reproduced in aluminium. This long-lasting, weatherproof material will not corrode or fade over time.

Ever Art Board ®

The board creates magnificent and naturally beautiful spaces. It is based on real materials, which will perfectly suit areas subject to landscape regulations or the creation of new spaces.

Ever Bamboo ®

We have carried on the timeless techniques of tradition Kyoto craftsmen to create attractive panel and post that replicate the look of the natural bamboo fences and decorations.


This is Takasho’s original low-voltage garden lighting system and product range. The Ever series can be connected perfectly with LEDIUS world.

Artport ®

The carports satisfy with their simple elegance, made from high quality laminated aluminium. The material for our ARTPORT®: EVER ART WOOD® – faithfully reproduces the various characteristics of wood in aluminium, which won’t corrode or fade over time.